Hi guys,
I want to enable the Exit Button controls on startup and disable the Reset Form Button control on startup.

and also assign a calculate button to the enter key.

any guide or help?

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Your question is not very clear. What exactly do you want to do?
Exit button == Close (X) in the right corner?
Reset button ?
Do you have a Calculate button on the form already?

i want to make the exit button enabled on start up and the reset button disabled on start up

I also want to assign the calculate button to the Enter key so that a user just hit Enter to calculate

So I will just assume you have 3 buttons on a form.
In the load event handler of the form you could do the following:
btnExit.Enabled = true
btnReset.Enabled = false
Myform1.AcceptButton = btnCalculate

thanks buddy will just try

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