I am having a problem with a StringGrid in BuilderC++. The help file says that the RowCount and ColCount manage the size of the StringGrid. My problem is that it only consumes more memory and never releases any memory, even if I set the RowCount and ColCount to 1,1. I am using the StringGrid to display a 2 dimentional table of data and it can have upto 50000 rows, if the user so desires. If the user saves the data and starts with a few rows of data the StringGrid should release the unused memory once RowCount is decreased, but this does not happen.

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How about using a vector of strings, or using new and delete[], to free up the memory.

I am not sure I understand you. If I use a vector of strings how do i display the info? If I use the new and delete[] how would I do that, excuses my ignorance, as there in no documentation on how to use new and delete[]?

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