I'm just starting my 2nd semester in Java. The project for the semester is: I have to create a EDUCATIONAL GAME or any SYSTEM using java. I am clueless what to decide to make. Please I need help ... I dont have enough Java knowledge and need the idea of what i am going to create by this coming week!! Please any ideas of an educational game or system??? I know there is a thread on projects for beginners but it doesnt satisfy my needs.

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If there's absolutely nothing in the beginner's project thread that "satisfies your needs", then maybe you can explain what your needs are, so someone can make suitable suggestions.

It needs to be an Educational Game or a System (for example a system the university students could use for web registration) ... thats all the lecturer said. In the beginners project thread i didnt see anything like an educational game or system. I dont have any idea what the lecturer expects. be creative is what she said. I'm just asking for help on an idea please.
The Requirements of the project:
- The code must be the student’s own work.
- Individual / 2 members per project
- Must have a graphical user interface
- Suitable classes & a driver (test) class
- Must use at least one interface class and apply polymorphism and inheritance correctly
- Must include web connection
- Must use at least one text file
- Must use arrays and a variety of data types

PS. If there is an idea in the beginners project thread that i missed you can tell me
PSS. I am not asking any one to do my work for me i just need an idea!!!

if you lack the knowledge you need, get the knowledge... It's really that simple.
You're now at a stage in life where you're no longer being led by the hand, but expected to be able to figure out on your own what you need to know and find ways to acquire that knowledge.

Yes i know i am going to do it myself and get the freaking knowledge from wherever. I didnt ask for anybody to "lead me by the hand" all i asked was an IDEA IDEA IDEA on something to create - does it look like i said hey people i dont know what to do, so please do it for me while i have a good time.
After having an idea i will go and create it myself using my textbook. I didnt create this thread to cry that i dont have the knowledge I just stated that to emphasise that it needs to be an idea for something simple. I wanted an idea of what to make!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (eg. a quiz testing your IQ --- thats all. and i would be like thank you so much for your help. End of Story i start working on making it).

OK people, let's just cool down a bit.

Fatima: I'm not sure how people can answer this thread. If anyone had any ideas for projects they will have added them to the long list in the Beginner's Projects thread. You rejected every single one of those. The requirements you posted are so very general that it's not clear why none of the listed projects will fit, but also they are so general that they don't point towards anything in particular.

Perhaps the best advice I can give is to think of some (non computer) activity or topic that really interests you, and build a project about that. For example I'm a very keen (but useless) guitar player, so I might do a project to organise and display all the sheet music I've scanned or copied from the web. Surely you have something that you personally would be keen on? Not only will you have a good understanding of the application, but you will find it a lot more interesting and rewarding - which will shine through in the final result.

Thank You:) I thought of a project along the lines of your "non-computer" idea. Beginning with the first phase. Thanks :) again for all the suggestions that were useful.

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