Hello community.

I'm 16 years old, a 10th grade student. My question is: How to learn programming? By that I don't mean that i want to learn a programming language. I am familiar with Python and C/C++(a bit) syntax. I want to know how to get experience, how to evolve, how to improve my mind. Maybe there's something you could offer me?

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What do you have to do when you want to learn swimming?
Jump into undeep water and train yourself, until you can swim. That way you will be able to swim in very deep water.

Same with programming: start small and get more and more programming experience every day.
If you encounter problems, you alway s can ask here at DaniWeB. Success!


Doesn't your school offer computer or IT lessons?
If not, search the web for free tutorials about Python, C++ or maybe even another language.


I learned by reading books on programming and teaching myself. These days the web is rife with tutorials, examples, tools (compilers and such), and pretty much any resource you need with a simple Google search.

Hell, you could learn a lot just by reading the threads on Daniweb. And we're just a small portion of the resources available. ;)

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