i am writing an automation script in Perl which logs into the server and executes various commands and functions.This Perl script mostly uses "send expect statements and for loops " to run the commands. This Perl script is a back end script which i have written. i have to build a GUI kind of thing for the front end. Though we have Perl/Tk for GUI but i seems very difficult to me since i am a beginner in Perl. Please give me suggestions on whether i can implement in perl-CGI ???? should i divide my back end script into separate programs and execute with html , will there be continuity coz i am logging on to server and executing commands????

please help

Thank you in advance

I've had better luck using libraries like IO::Prompt than Perl/Tk.

I would recommend developing and testing the script(s) locally, then running them on the server using ssh. (Granted, this may not be possible depending on your server access.)

This is quite an old post...

Anyway, the CGI Perl library offers a lot for your web programming. You do not need a HTML file with Perl. You simply render the page with perl, and you could implement your own module to execute different tasks. Perl should be able to handle what you want to do. However, security should be included in your implementation. Implementing an interface/system to allow someone to login & execute commands on your server (remote access) is not a trivia task.

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