take an input date of birth from the user and display star of entered date of birth
Plz help me in ths programm

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Perhaps the OP means ...

'under what star' was that DOB ?

If so ... then the programmer needs a program that has a table of 'Stars' and dates (or date ranges) ...

The program can loop to ask the user to input a (VALID) date of birth ...

then ... code a look up of that DOB in the table

then ... report

then ask for another 'star / dob' combination to find ... or quit.

Now ... just code a working shell program (with comments like the above) ... and the OP will be 'on target' ... with ... step 1 DONE!!!

Can you code a 'Hello World!' program in C++ ?

Can you code a loop that asks for more?

Can you prompt for C++ string user input and take in a string in a C++ string (variable)?

Can you do a TABLE LOOK UP ... to see if a string is in a table?

Can you report the matching item in the table, if lookup was successful?

These are tasks needed above.

To see some of these tasks demonstrated, you could check here:


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