Since i have to go to college i got on idea to preform a simple C# Syntax highlighting for my HP ipaq 1710,dont laugh at me when i tell you that i tried to create just window form without anything else and copy it to my Pocket PC,i use windows mobile 2003 SE with 1.0 Compact framework,but when i try to run it it give me an exception like

Could not load type
System.Windows.Forms.Form from
assembly System.Windows.Forms,
Version=1.0.5000.0, Culture=neutral,

So i have VS 2005 and i have installed Compact framework 2.0,but it dont offer me a template for mobile programming like in VS 2003,can someone help me just give me the sample code for loading form on PDA or explain how this things work?? :-| :sad:


why did you post this? jw.

but on the topic.
do you have all to correct references added?
with the templet in vs.net2003 it adds the following references check that you have them

MSCorLib -- CE framework
System.Windows.Forms -- i would guess this is missing from yours

Check this out, it is just a little site that I made for a class, but it may help. It is specifically for writing code for use on a pocket pc. It's kind of old, and I have done little more than look at it for a while, but it has a lot of useful links and stuff.

Pocket PC Dev HQ

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