i have a string that i want to match to a regular expression. The string is
methodName(paraT1 para1, paraT2.name2 para2, paraT3.name3 para3)
Inside the () there can be multiple of "aaa.bbb ccc" and "ddd eee" patterns

The regular expression i wrote was :


and the I get the first and the last (parameterType para) pattern but not the ones inbetween. How do i get the middle expression.

appreciate a reply
thanks in advance

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how do i repeat the regular expression section

Your first question leads to named groups. To capture something specific it is easier to give it a name.


Your second question could be reduced to



What language are you using to run your regex?



to target all items between the parentheses.

1) Old post
2) This is Java, so RegEx is being used in Java
3) I am not sure but in Java, iirc, your RegEx string needs to specify leading and ending part with matches() method. Not sure about RegEx class.

A quick check against the Java engine in RegexBuddy shows my first re named grouping is different somehow.

Favorite language/favorite tool!

The third one works.

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