I have created a DLL file using VB6.0 and the registered the DLL into another server. Now I have created a DTS Package (ActiveX Task) which will create object of the DLL and call a particular function.
The problem is when I execute the DTS task from my ID, everything is fine. But, whenever a Generic ID is used to initialte the task the task either fails saying "Can not create Object - Permission Denied" or the dialog box appears show executing task but nothing actually happens. There seems to be some permission conflict but where?

Speedy reply is required as I am running behind schedule.

hmm. post code and connection string'

It is a long code, the DLL basically generates reports quering the database. I have tested the DLL by creating a diffenrent EXE which adds the DLL as reference and calling the Main function of the DLL. After which I created the DTS package with an ActiveX Task with the follwoing code -

Dim objDLL
Set objDLL = new CreateObject(ProjectName.ClassName)
Call objDLL.FunctionName

Before running the task in SQL SERVER, I logged into the Database Server and registered the DLL using REGSVR32 DLLName
Now, When I run the DTS Task from my ID (where the DLL was created, it is working).
If I am using some other ID to execute the DLL, it fails. Even though, the other ID is an ADMIN ID.

Please Help. I hope this has given some more light into my problem.

Hmm sounds like you need to add permission in the datebase
can you run the query in the DB itself?

Yes I am able to query the DB, that's how I am pulling data from DB and and populating the excel report.

Register the dll under the admin account and then right click>properties and give users of the system the rights needed and I think your problems will go away...

Good Luck

what I mean is can you login as admin in the db and other users to see if you can retrieve the query