I have created a DLL file using VB6.0 and the registered the DLL into another server. Now I have created a DTS Package (ActiveX Task) which will create object of the DLL and call a particular function.
The problem is when I execute the DTS task from my ID, everything is fine. But, whenever a Generic ID is used to initialte the task the task either fails saying "Can not create Object - Permission Denied" or the dialog box appears show executing task but nothing actually happens. There seems to be some permission conflict but where?

Speedy reply is required as I am running behind schedule.

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It is a long code, the DLL basically generates reports quering the database. I have tested the DLL by creating a diffenrent EXE which adds the DLL as reference and calling the Main function of the DLL. After which I created the DTS package with an ActiveX Task with the follwoing code -

Dim objDLL
Set objDLL = new CreateObject(ProjectName.ClassName)
Call objDLL.FunctionName

Before running the task in SQL SERVER, I logged into the Database Server and registered the DLL using REGSVR32 DLLName
Now, When I run the DTS Task from my ID (where the DLL was created, it is working).
If I am using some other ID to execute the DLL, it fails. Even though, the other ID is an ADMIN ID.

Please Help. I hope this has given some more light into my problem.

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Hmm sounds like you need to add permission in the datebase
can you run the query in the DB itself?


Yes I am able to query the DB, that's how I am pulling data from DB and and populating the excel report.


Register the dll under the admin account and then right click>properties and give users of the system the rights needed and I think your problems will go away...

Good Luck


what I mean is can you login as admin in the db and other users to see if you can retrieve the query

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