I am having two controllers. one is LoginScreenController.java and other is HomeScreenController.java. in loginscreencontroller, i am having button when clicked on that buton it will open homescreen controller. In HomeScreenController i am having TextField and a Ok button.I will fill some data in TextField and click on Ok Button.

Here is my question

After clicking ok button how to get back Textfield data to LoginScreenController.


You need something like this in HomeScreenController

Use this in your Button (ActionListener): // YOU CAN USE ANONYMOUS INNER ...

public void ActionPerformed(ActionEvent e){
    if(e.getSource() == but){
        HomeScreenController h = new HomeScreenController(this); 

Use this in your HomeScreenController Class

public class HomeScreenController{
    public LoginScreenController main;
    public HomeScreenController(LoginScreenController login){
        this.main = login;

you can use variable main to change data from your LoginScreenController

Declare this in your LoginScreenController:
Public String data= "";
Usage in HomeScreenController:
main.data = field.getText();

 i have written code like this in button Ok click event getting incompatible type error

 @FXML public void handleOk( final ActionEvent e){

        btnOk.setOnAction(new EventHandler<ActionEvent>(){

            public void handle(ActionEvent t) {
              if(e.getSource() == btnOk){
                    HomeScreenController rpt = new HomeScreenController(this); /* incompatible types: <anonymous EventHandler<ActionEvent>> cannot be converted to LoginScreenController*/



        main.data = txtData.getText();

Is your class "LoginScreenController" extended to JFrame or JPanel?
Maybe that helps? or try this:
Click Here
(Sorry I don't have time to write some test programs to check for myself)

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