I am not begging for code here, but rather some concepts / ideas on how to accomplish this. I code in VB.NET, but that isn't really too relevant at this point.

I am trying to develop something similar to a radar system. I have that all working and the data coming in just fine. Now I want to add an audible ping to the application that gives information about the data. Sort of like the sonar ping you see on submarine / boat movies. I want the frequency of the ping to indicate the range to the target, and then the duration (or number of pings) to indicate the number of targets / ranges received.

I experimented with using system.beep and got it to behave the way I want. But it pretty much locked up the processor and bogged down the rest of my application. I was going to start working on putting it on its own thread to see if that would free up the processor (not very fluent with how to do threading) but thought that perhaps there was a better way using the real sound card and maybe its MIDI abilities to play sounds?

Anyway, I have never messed around with audio in my applications and I am not sure the best way to proceed. I was hoping for some ideas and suggestions from here that could get me started. Hopefully I have explained it well enough.



i am not aware of any standard libraries that play sounds and if i recall right the last time i did something simillar was for a school project and i ended up including a free third-party library i found online and used it to play some wav files. worked fine for me.

if you are either restricted on using third-party code or there exists a better solution then i am sorry :)

good luck!

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