Hey there!

I am in need of help, to create rather learn how to use a C programming Language to create a Currency Trading Simulation where I can buy/sell at the time of a decrease/increase in Forex Trading Platform or any other trading platform. However I find it really hard to do this assignment because the exchange rate for a given currency always or may fluctuate many percentage points in a single day. I am using a MacBookPro and it's all new to me as I don't know which programm to download on to this. Newbie here!

I would really like some help! :(

This is not an exercise for a newbie! I have experience writing trading programs as a professional (options trading with automatic portfolio balancing - a lot of Black-Scholes and similar algorithms to compute risk factors - the Greeks). You need a feed from the exchange(s) to get real-time quotes. Since this is a school exercise, you could simulate the price changes (quotes), but you probably need a good Monte-Carlo routine to do that effectively, and for that you need to start with a good RNG (random number generator). Over your head yet? :-)

All that aside, you need a good foundational understanding of the trading situation and underlying algorithms. Being a newbie to C++ is not the problem. That we can help you with once you start generating some code. However, if you don't know the trading stuff, then you have a lot of catch-up to do...