I am new to dev c++.The program works good for the first time.Whenever I try to modify the code and compile it again it displays compiler error =Permission denied ld returned status 1.No idea what to do.I googled but still cant find a good solution.I've also attached the screen shot of the error when compiling it agin.Please help.

Thanking in advance.

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The ld program is the linker used by GCC (the default compiler used by the Dev-C++ IDE) when building executables. The permissions issue is most likely a factor of where your program is being compiled. Can you give the PATH of the source file, as well as to executable file being created? They should be in a project folder, with the executable most likely being in the /Debug folder of the project. I would check the read-write permissions on the files as well - in Windows, you can right-click on the file in question and go to Properties, and it should show the attributes as checkboxes.

BTW, the Bloodshed version of Dev-C++ you are using is very, very old and out of date; I would replace it with a copy from the Orwell fork, found here. The original Dev-C++ project stopped in 2005, and hasn't been updated since. Orwell Dev-C++ is an update of the original using a current version of the GCC compiler suite. Alternately, you can use Code::Blocks, which is very similar and a bit more flexible.

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