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I'm beginner developer and I want to develop a software telephone in .NET. I prefer C#. After some googling, I started to code in C# using the prewritten VoIP components of Ozeki's VoIP SIP SDK. Now I have a simple softphone that is able to make and receive audio calls. But I want to extend my program with video calling functionality. Can anybody help me how to move on?

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You'll have to:
Capture image from camera.
Send image to receiver.

First part should be fairly easy. The second part isn't that hard until you realize you are getting lousy FPS. Then you'll have to look at some way of compressing the image information (differential imaging is one way). The receiver then will have to rebuld the image once it recieves it. The goal is as little network traffic as possible as that's the bottleneck.

If you do a search for "network video c#" on Bing, you'll see several project where people have done this. Look at how they did it.


Hm, so I need a new media handler solution supporting video handling, right? The video support also has receiver and sender objects, I think so... But it's not enough. Do anybody send me a short code example?


The Mediahandler classes contain new media handlers for supporting feature taking care of. With respect to the sound, the feature help likewise has beneficiary and sender objects (Phonecallvideosender and Phonecallvideoreceiver). For the purpose of straightforwardness, this sample is on the sending methodology only.the essential fringe gadget for the feature is, obviously, the web cam that likewise has its own particular model class in Ozeki Voip SIP SDK (Webcamera). In the wake of characterizing the essential instruments, you have to know how you can utilize them for making feature calls. It is truly like the voice calls.

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