Hii Friends I am doing an erp web application using jsp,servlets,struts,sql server 2000 but havent implemented connection pooling, but want to do it now can anyone quide me the best way to master it or show me where can i find some pdfs which will give me the most knowledge about it.
thanks in advance friends

most JDBC drivers, ORM frameworks, and application servers implement their own connection pooling.
Why reinvent the wheel? Especially as it's far from a trivial endeavour.
You're unlikely to find a pdf on some website telling you all you need to know.
Think first of buying a good number of quality books on multithreading, concurrent computing, caching, memory management, design patterns, etc. etc. and actually understanding all they contain.

use some application server if u are dong ERP.
Those ones have standard mechanisms for conenction pooling.
Try looking through the javax.sql documentation for more help
Also try looking at the jdbc 3 specifications which are available for free from the sun java site

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