i need someOne to solve for me all this Question as soon as possible he can

  1. Write a c program TO take a charcter from keyboard and find ASCII value of that character .

    Dialog box

    Enter a character k

    The ASCII value of k = 107

  2. Write a program to swap two numbers without third variable.

ex a = 12 and b = 20 before swap

after swap a = 20 and b = 10 with out any other variable

Dialog Box

Enter value of a and b = 10 20

After Swap value of a and b = 20 10

  1. Write a program to find factorial of a number.

Dialog Box

Enter the Number = 6

The Factorial of 6 is = 120

  1. Write a program to find largest number using 1 Diamentional array.

Dialog Box

Enter 10 elements in array











The Second Highest Number is = 10

  1. Write a program to print such design using c loop.

    2 4 6 8 10 12

    2 4 6 8 10

    2 4 6 8

    2 4 6

    2 4


    ***** End ***********

We don't do the problem for you. If you show us your work, we can give you hints and lead you in the right direction. If you really need the work to be done asap, hire someone to do it. Otherwise, show us what you have and we can help you out.

I am a student at the university asked me to disband this Assgment by any person or by Google, but I did not find that person I did not find the solution in Google for this reason resorted to this site ... I beg you please help me to solve that problem

the Mr. there in university told as if you dont know .. all the answars in google .. but i did not find the answars ... help plaese

Show us what you have and we can guide you. We are not going to do the work for you. Otherwise, hire someone who will do it for you.

Hint: The first question, about converting from text 'A' to ascii 65

Every character you can type from the keyboard has a numeric value. See this standard ascii table.. In C and C++ you don't have to do anything at all special in order to convert from 'A' to 65 because the two are the same thing.

char c = 'A';
cout << c << " the ascii value is: " << (int)c << '\n';

It's nothing more than typcasting the char to an int.

about Q number 5 .. i solve like that is it correct


int main()

int a;
printf("Enter number which is digit first digit\n");
int n=a;
for(int i=n-1; i>1; i--)

for(int j=1; j<=i; j++)


printf(" ");



return 0;

is it correct

Did you test it? Did it produce the correct results. If not, then the answer is no.

:@ if i know the answars why i register to this website .. plaese help .. i can't solve any problem

We are supposed to help you help yourself. What problems or compiler errors are you getting with the code you posted? Post the error message(s) and the line numbers on which they occur. Afterall, we can't see your computer monitor.

You started with probably the most difficult question, try doing the 1st one first.

ok no body wants to solve the probs .. so close the discussion .. and Thankx alot

i can't solve any problem

Perhaps you are in the wrong field of studies then?

Think about what you are asking here, you want someone to do your assignment for you, in essence, EARN your grade for you.

Do you know how the helpers here actually help people? It's by learning how to do this, not having others do it for them.

In the end, and this may sound harsh to you but, you are responsible for your work, we are not. If you want to throw a fit and state:

ok no body wants to solve the probs .. so close the discussion .. and Thankx alot

than so be it. If I were you though, I would work through your assignment and seek help with the code that you've tested.

Bye ..

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