I have a form with two tabs. On each tab, I have 5 different fields. Is it possible to design the elements in a frame and assign them to a tabstrip, or do I have to load and place them in the new loaded tab?

I would appreciate your kind help.

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yes , you can go with the first option. If you are finding the tab strip a bit difficult to handle try to use SS TAB instead.

Hi, thank you for your reply.

I have designed two frames , frame 0 and frame 1, they have different content. Now I am not really able to show them correctly. I have managed to use a case in order to hide or display them, is this the correct way?

What do you mean by SS TAB?

Thank you,

SS Tab is a control on Component (Ctrl + T or Project ->Component).

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Hello to you,
thank you for the information. I did find SStub 1.0 Type Library.
Could you please give me a hint how to insert it? I didn't find any references in Google :(


It is not a type library,
Go to menu : Projects >> Components
Select Microsoft Tabbed Dialog Control 6.0 click OK,
and add it on the form..


Hello Veena,
Thank you, I got it now ;)

Best regards,

Hello debasisdas, Veena,
I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your kind help. Actually, I was thinking of an easy way to designing my tabs, and would have had real problems with loading them. debasisdas's idea to use SStub was great, and without Veena's help I would probably still be looking for them. My appreciation to both of you!

And I want to speak my appreciation to the owner of DaniWeb as well. They did save me a lot of time.

Best regards,
Ali Baradaran

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