need how to make an virtual learning class room in php and student teacher profile in php

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Not asking much, are you? :rolleyes: How well do you know php anyway? From the question, not much or well. First, describe what YOU mean by "virtual learning class room", and what you expect to do with it. Student/teacher profiles are simple classes in php/java/c++/whatever. The virtual class room is more an entire application, and will require many classes and a lot of code. You aren't going to get that here, but if you post code or designs here, we can help you by pointing out errors or critiquing your designs.

Looks like you need application for virtual learning class room which will contain teachers and student profiles.

If you don't know how to do the job then hire pro, for the second case you should start coding. Then come here with your specific programming problem.

Nobody will help you for entire application.

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