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Most definitely php. vb.net will be for desktop development. It all depends on what you want your web site to do, for data interaction, php is perfect, just some pages with script, normal html will fine as well.


i would add that to be a developer you couldnt just depend on php, you would have to mix it with some other language.. Sql html java


PHP is a server-side language - it typically runs in the web (Apache, IIS, etc) or application (Tomcat, JBoss, etc) server. It can emit HTML, JavaScript, CSS blocks etc that are processed by the client. It is an object-oriented language with a lot of functional similarity to C++ (with enough differences to drive one nuts). It allows you to use object-oriented principals to design and build your web applications in a secure manner, and to debug them if you use it properly.

VB.net can be used to build web applications, but it is fundamentally a client-side application development tool, just using VB code instead of C#, etc. You can also use C# to build web apps, and MS has some nice tools that let you do that with either language. The only issue is that you are limiting yourself to a Microsoft environment, and that is not suitable (in my opinion) in today's world.

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