Hi guys,
I need to create a web application in my job using Java, so i started using Netbeans 7.4, and started a new project. Im trying to develop a web application that will be hosted in a server, so i selected Web Application from the Java Web folder. Is this Ok for what i'm looking for? My problem is that i have to create a Treeview that must populate from a server database. I don't know how to create that treeview. I've used treeview before in ASP.NET (just dragged the controller in the design label) populating it with code and everything but now im totally lost.

Please i need help with this.
Thank you for your attention.

As far as this goes, i changed my mind.
Now im looking for making a Menu like this one on DaniWeb. I took a look into the code and couldnt make it happen, i just got a list. Since im not very skilled with css and java i ask for your help how can i achieve this? i mean a menu like this one, so the moment i put the mouse over it displays the submenu and so on.
Really appreciate your help.