I want to develop RFID access system. I create a user database using Microsoft Access.When system and connection are ready, user will swap the card on the RFID reader and the card id will show on retrieve data column. The card id will use to compare with the data in Access database. If the card id matching with database, the user information such as name will show on other column. Now, my problem is how to compare data in visual basic 6 with the data in access database. I want to know how to compare data in visual basic 6 with the data in access database.Thank you in advance :)

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1.Get the name(data) from RFID to frm.name
2.Select data from the access using SQL query

select * from tblname where name='" & (name from frm.name) & "'

Hope. the code will help you!

Yes, when you swipe the card the User ID or Whatever it is to be shown on a Text BoxVB Form. Then by a SQL filtering Query, you may check whether that ID no. is already existing in the table of your Access or whatever the DataBase. If it is existing you may write the coding to retrieve the details including the ID No. on to a Grid or Listview, pertaining to that ID accordingly.

Thank you so much Sulaiman 1 and Aslam Mansoor for the idea. It solved my problem :)

hai,I face same problems with you.Can you give me your source code to compare data in visual basic with access database?Thanks so much

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