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package theaterrevenue;

import javax.swing.*;
import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.event.*;
 * @author 
public class TheaterRevenue extends JFrame
    final double percent = .20;
    double adultCost;
    private JTextField label2;
    private JTextField label4;
    private JTextField label6;
    private JTextField label8;
    private JButton button1;
    private final int WINDOW_WIDTH = 400;
    private final int WINDOW_HEIGHT = 200;

    public TheaterRevenue()
        setTitle("Theater Revenue");
        setLayout(new GridLayout(5,2));

        button1 = new JButton("Calculate Revenue");
        button1.addActionListener(new CalcButtonListener());

        JLabel label1 = new JLabel("Enter the price of one adult ticket : ");
        label2 = new JTextField(10);
        JLabel label3 = new JLabel("Enter the number of adult tickets sold : ");
        label4 = new JTextField(10);
        JLabel label5 = new JLabel("Enter the price of one child ticket : ");
        label6 = new JTextField(10);
        JLabel label7 = new JLabel("Enter the number of child tickets sold : ");
        label8 = new JTextField(10);

        JPanel panel1 = new JPanel();
        JPanel panel2 = new JPanel();
        JPanel panel3 = new JPanel();
        JPanel panel4 = new JPanel();
        JPanel panel5 = new JPanel();
        JPanel panel6 = new JPanel();
        JPanel panel7 = new JPanel();
        JPanel panel8 = new JPanel();
        JPanel panel9 = new JPanel();



    private class CalcButtonListener implements ActionListener
        public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e)
            String adultPrice;
            String adultAmount;
            String childPrice;
            String childAmount;
            adultPrice = label2.getText();

            adultAmount = label4.getText();
            double grossAdultRevenue =  (adultCost)* Double.parseDouble(adultAmount);
            double netAdultRevenue = (grossAdultRevenue) * percent;
            childPrice = label6.getText();
            childAmount = label8.getText();
            double grossChildRevenue = Double.parseDouble (childPrice)* Double.parseDouble(childAmount);
            double netChildRevenue = grossChildRevenue * percent;
            double grossRevenue = grossChildRevenue+grossAdultRevenue;
            double netRevenue = netAdultRevenue+netChildRevenue;

                   "Total gross adult revenue : " + grossAdultRevenue + "\n" + 
                   "Total net adult revenue : " + netAdultRevenue + "\n" + 
                   "Total gross child revenue : " + grossChildRevenue + "\n" +
                   "Total net child revenue : " + netChildRevenue + "\n" +
                   "Total gross revenue of sales : " + grossRevenue + "\n" +
                   "Total net revenue of sales : " + netRevenue);


        public static void main(String[] args) 
            new TheaterRevenue();

Edited 2 Years Ago by susanna.newkirk

Hello Susanna
Thank you for sharing that with us, but is there any particular point you wanted to make, or question you wanted to ask?

oh yes sorry I was working on that. When I run it, the window (that asks the user to input how many tickets & prices) is blank. I was trying to figure out how to fix that.

You have a load of JPanels that you don't need. You add the lables and fields to these panels, but that doesn't get them into the main mwindow. Forget the JPanels and just add your labels and text fields directly to the main window. (In real life there are reasons why you may use a JPanel or two, but this exercise isn't one of those)

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