Greetings everybody,

I would like to ask you if there is any tutorial about libusb I could learn how to use quickly.

Additionally, how could I use libusb in visual studio, currently have VS2010?

I can already access it in Ubuntu, but desire to use in also Windows.


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Read this page, which is a windows port of the library. Since you are already using it in Ubuntu you should have little or no difficulty using it in Windows. As for VS2010, there is nothing different about it than there is about using any other 3d party library. It's all in Project settings.


Ancient Dragon,

Thanks for your reply.

Actually, I have no experience with libusb, having errors in both windows & ubuntu, when I follow the example in web page Click Here . One of the errors is, for example, /main.cpp:137: error: 'usb_dev_handle' was not declared in this scope .

How could I solve this problem, any idea, hint? By the way, I have got this error in Ubuntu.

Thanks in advance

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Post code here in your thread so that we get line numbers. The links you gave do not give enough info to know where the problem might be.


I guess there is a problem related to the linker; because I saw something similar in web, but the problem is more serious than I thought as far as I understand. Because when I checked the direction where libusb.h has been located, it was the only file available there.


I have solved the problem, wanted to share here if anybody else face ever:

in terminal type: locate libusb

then you will see a list of related files with their paths, add .so, .a files, only one of these might be sufficient but I directly added both of them and program worked.

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