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-->>Hello everyone,
-->>I curently faced the problem with My project that the Main Form (Which is My startup form) in My project is NOT loaded in..
-->>project explorer window during the design time,when I lounch the project I get the following error:

Microsoft Visual Basic

Errors during loading.
Refer to 'My Appliction Path\Forms\Main Interface.log' for details

-->>When I refer to the .log file for details here is what I find in there:

Line 37: Cannot load control mnTray_Icon; containing control not a valid container.
Line 37: The file 'My Appliction Path'\Forms\Main Interface.frm could not be loaded.

-->>And so I decided to try System Restore but I found as well My System Restore saying:

System Restore does not appear to be functioning correctly on this system A Volume Shadow Copy Service component encountered
an unexpected error. Check the Application event log for more information. (0x80042302)

-->>But before all that to happen I saw a file named 'wbocx32.oca' in My Application Path and tried to open it with a Notepad
-->>but all I saw was some unreadable text most of it with symbols. And as far as I remember that was the last thing to do
-->>So could this be the reason of all this? Please I need some advice and Solution if possible becouse this form has lots of
-->>codes and the required controls and settings that I dont even remember and I'm afraid of losing it though I tried lot of
-->>efforts like openig it with a Notepad and copy and paste the code to another form but it wind up on the same error.
-->>Any help will bw appreciated.