Dear Team,

Im migrating my application from ie8 to ie11. The below code opens a new window in ie 8 as expected but in ie 11 it opens a new tab.

I checked in microsoft website, they told to change internet pop up settings.
But i need to make some changes in code itself so that it creates new window instead of new tab.
Is there a method/code available to force the ie11 to open new window instead of new tab.

Please advice.

Below is the code which opens new window in ie 8 and new tab in ie11.


<a class="iotext"  name="Number" href="#" onclick="javascript:loadPage('<%=item.getWITypeID()%>','<%=item.getNumber()%>');" ><%=Utility.nullToString(item.Number())%></a>
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open new tab or open new window is set in the user's Internet Options
the web page has no control of it
attempting to take control of any user's pc will be seen as malware,
with the appropriate action being taken by anti-malware programs,
blogs, et all. not a good result for you, without any malicious intent.

the only possible reason you see a different result in IE8,
you have different Internet Options applied in the machine running IE8

I have win98 print kiosk IE6, the code opens new window ie6 has no tabs
I have winxp laptop, the code opens new tab
I have win7 laptop, the code opens new tab
I have win2000 server, the code opens new tab
I have win81 desktop, the code opens new tab

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