I am attempting to do some Boolean algebra for my computer organization class. I have gotten the first seven problems done, but for the last four, I am confused. The question for all of them is the same- 'Simplify each expression to Minimal Sum of Products form. Show each step and label it with the properties of boolean algebra.' I know the properties and symbols. However, the website our notes are given from is vague, and only gives one example. Could someone kindly give me a basis, that way I can solve these? For example, one of the problems says 'a(X,Y,Z)=X+Y'Z+Z'(X+Y'Z)'. I am not asking for this to be done for me, just if someone can give me a basis to serve as a starting point. Thank you for any help.

*I'm not entirely certain if this format of boolean algebra applies for this website, but it is part of our homework criteria.

What's this got to do with assembly? You would use the quine mclusky algo to minimise boolean expressions.