1) When the program is executed, it asks the user to enter a password
2) When the user enters password, its characters should not appear and * must appear for each character.
3) The program compares this password with hardcoded constant password (e.g. pass DB ‘Abc123’).
4) If the entered password matches, then the program asks the user to enter a statement. But if passwords mismatch, an error message should be appeared and program terminates.
5) The statement length is up to 100 characters
6) The statement characters should include only alphabet (capital or small) letters and spaces 7) Then, the program gives the user the following options:
 Press S to convert the statement into small letters only
 Press C to convert the statement into capital letters only
 Press O to convert the first letter in each word into capital and keep the remaining letters small.
 Press R to reverse the statement (Bonus)
 Press W to display the number of words in the statement
 Press L to display the number of letters in the statement
 Press G to display the longest word in the statement (Bonus)
 Press H to display the shortest word in the statement (Bonus)
 After execution any of the above options, the program asks the user to press B to return to the main list, or press Q to exit from the program.

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