Ok so i didnt know where to post this but i am getting two errors while useing cURL. The first says cURL: (26) coudn't open file "test.csv". The second one keeps saying please upload a file. I have been trying to fix this for over a hour now and can not get a different result if someone could tell me what im doin wrong that would be amazing.

curl -F 'source="Test Contacts"' -F 'filename=@test.csv' -F 'site_id=XXXXX' -F 'user_id=XXXXX' -F 'key=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX' -F 'format=csv' -F 'action=add' -F 'listname=TEST List For API Integration' -F 'email=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX'http://app.example.com/mail/subscriber_upload/index/