My main application has a datamodule containing a TSQLConnection component. When I call a package from this application and try to create a transaction (StartTransaction(TD)) from within the .bpl, I receive an Access Violation. I am able to open a TSQLQuery from within the bpl to that same TSQLConnection, but not start a transaction. Does anyone know the proper procedure so I don't have to create a TSQLConnection inside all packages that I'm calling from the main application?

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Have you seen this:
The data module example toward the end of the article may help you.

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that actually helped to some degree. I have discovered that the issue probably lies in that I am dynamically loading the BPL instead of statically including it with the application. When I recreated the project with the package statically linked, no error.

The question remains, what needs to be done differently when dynamically loading the BPL?

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