I would like to work on a program that will work on trilateration using wifi signals (as I understand it, much like Google does for indoor GPS fall-off).

Sadly, I don't think I have the expertise (yet) for this, and I am looking for some input on where to begin. I also have a pretty serious language deficiency, seeing that the langauges I am proficient in are "script" and not among the strongly typed sort.

I am comfortable with Python, but I know I have a lot to learn. I am more in line with PHP/Javascript/SQL, but I have used C/C++, and I am quite happy (and willing) to learn more.

From the research I have done, which is more on the concept side of things, it looks like my current skillset is inadequate. Python is not suited to working at a hardware level, and I haven't a clue how to begin writing driver level software (or how to tap into a driver that currently exists, if at all possible).

So.. where to start.. I have been thinking an Arduno or Raspberry Pi would be a sufficient hardware source to start the process, but then I began to wonder why not just use a cell phone or a PC to show proof of concept?

Im guessing C/C++ is the way to go, but where do I begin. What is the first step in communicating with a WiFi card in a system, to even begin accessing signal strength or measuring timing for packets between the card and the AP? Do I even need to be so complicated?

Any ideas would be appreciated :)


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