I am trying to call a function which is store in some other location. But my index page is not able to make call to this function it seems. This behaviour is only after I uploaded my site on server. On localhost this function module is getting call with same code.

This is function mode which is called on my index.php
$chart = new VerticalBarChart(500, 250)

This is include file on my index.php
include ('libchart-1.3\libchart\libchart\classes\libchart.php');

Could you tell me why function module is not gettin call on my server while it works on my localhost without any change in code.

I am not able to upload my files here so if any helper needs to look into file please send me email id I will foward you.

Ankit Baphna

Ok now I am able to call the functions on server but still my problem is same.

My code is creating a gif image file and storing it in a file.
This works while I am on local host
but doesn't work when I am on server
I have given all write permission to all folders but no solution.

Any idea?

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