Hi All, this is my first post as a member of the forum so firstly nice to meet u all, secondly if this posted in the wrong place, many apologies Admin.

My problem and query is this I have been asked to find out the most appropriate language for a complex encryption algorithm for a friend who is at college. I am reletively new to this whole area and the only thing I personally could come up with after some research would be using Delph for.Net and MD5. However im not totally convinced on this as I thought MD5 was not used too much anymore. If anyone could point me in the right directions to help him out that would be great. The one thing I dont want to do is give him the answer but it would be great if I could certainly point him in the right direction.
Thanks in advance for any replies

First off the most appropriate language is often a matter of preference so I wouldn't think there would be a correct answer to this. For compatibility reasons I would think C would be the way to go.

Secondly md5 is not encryption, it is a hash value. The .NET framework has a cryptogrophy namespace with many types of encryption so I think you were on the mark with .NET.

If compatibility and portability isn't an issue go with .NET, otherwise you can surely find a C library floating around which implements a cryptogrophy scheme.

Thanks ever so much for your response Snake, at least I ws close with one area lol. As mentioned this is something new to not only him but me also. I think I understand when you said MD5 is a hash value, I hope I am right in thinking that with this you mean it is a checksum and more geared towards message integrity rather than any type of encryption.
Thanks again Snake for your help

Yes I did mean md5 is more geared toward integrity as a checksum rather than encryption. Sometimes a salted MD5 is used to "store" password hashes since it cannot be reversed... But that is a topic for another thread.

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