I would like to learn how to code System Programming for windows via python(Python System Programming)
Any tip or suggestion?where can I begin!
Any recommend books,links and video tutorial?

I appreciate your help

Can you tell us what exactly do you want to accomplish?

Are you sure, do you really want system programming?.

Thanks slate,I thoght my question was clear.
For example this guy he is explain vey well about python system programming in youtube but it is a several video.

I will thank him from here for those wonderful videos.

It well be also good if we know about some books and links..

I would call this system administration with python and would search for those terms.

In my not informed opinion, the shells are more suitable for that job. The problem arrives with them, when you have to write real programs in them.
I think, if you have a python program with a small part doing sysadmin stuff, use python's sysadmin modules.

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