Here is the question: Write a program that creates a queue of Strings and allows the input of an integer value n, followed by n names to be placed in the queue. Then the program should execute a loop that performs the following:
1 It displays the name in the front of the queue and asks the user to specify a number of names to be deleted. The user specifies a value and it deletes that number of names.
2 Each name deleted is displayed on the screen.
3 The two steps are continued until the queue is empty.

My problem here is that when i run the code i enter 3 names. But when it comes to delet the names if i enter 3 all the will be delet and the program works correctly but if i enter 1 so that i try to delete 1 by one it shows me the same name that is being deleted each time and when the last name is deleted the program stop working. Any help how i could correct it?

here are my codes:

#include <iostream>
#include <queue>
#include <string>
using namespace std;

int main()
    int n,b=1;
    string x[10000];
    int i,c;

    cout<<"Enter the number of names:";

 queue <string> names;
 cout<<"Enter the names to be placed in the queue:"<<endl;


  b++ ;


cout<< "The person at the front of the queue is " <<names.front()<<endl;
cout<< "Enter a number of names to be deleted: ";
cout<< "The person got deleted is " <<x[i]<<endl;
 cout << "There are currently " << names.size () << " people in the queue" << endl;

    return 0;

Some of this makes no sense. You've got a queue of strings, so what's that array for? When you delete a name from the queue, you're showing the user somethig from the array? Why? Get rid of the array and just work with the queue.

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