i need some information about the Assembly instruction in processor iapx 8088. if there is any link of any articles that can help me then plz send me this is my assignment. And i want good grades in my assignment.

The Intel 8088 was, among other things, the CPU of the original IBM PC, and the modern Core ix processors are the distant descendants of that model. Thus, there are a great number of pages and tutorials covering 8088 assembly programming and the instruction set, and several different assemblers for it. The Intel documentation for the original 8088 can be found with a simple Google search.

However, knowing the processor alone isn't sufficient; you need to know about the overall platform, and the operating system (if any). While the most likely case is that of MS-DOS on the PC (or, more likely these days, an emulator, as the current versions of Windows no longer support 16-bit DOS software), there are embedded and single-board computer systems that use the 8088 as well. Furthermore, each assembler has its own dialect of the assembly language, so we would need to know which assembler you are using, as well.

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