Write a VB app that has two forms. On the first form create six labels and four text boxes, four buttons and a main menu

The label text properties are: Name, Test1, Test2, Test3, Average, High Score
The Button text properties are: Average, Clear, Show High and Next
There should be textboxes next to each of the first 4 labels

There should be a menu item that matches each of the buttons..so create a menu called Calculate

Under Calculate, have the menu items of Average, Clear, Show High and Next

The user will be expected to type in a name and three grades. If either the average button or menu item is pressed, the average of the three grades appears in the average label (it should start out blank)
If either the High Score button or menu item is pressed, the High score appears in the High score label (it starts out blank)
The Clear button (or menu item) clears all textboxes and labels for a new name to be entered
Include at least one tool tip and use code to check for invalid entries….you can use either try/catch or if statements
Next brings you to form two.

On form 2 the NAME and AVERAGE grade from form 1 appear in a label as well as the CUMULATIVE HIGH GRADE SO FAR
From form 2 you can either:
Exit the app
Return to FORM 1 for another person’s data to be entered. When a second (or third) person’s data is entered the average is NOT cumulative but the high grade IS

Have error checking for improper input.

Be sure to use a module as needed and to follow all directions carefully

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Try to read the rules before posting.

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