hi to all, i am new in vb6 and im trying to make a project. Can you help me guyz, i want to populate the textbox in datagrid. im don't have the idea on how to do it. this is what i want to try , when i am inputing the name on the textbox (ex.Proudct Name) it appears to the datagrid even i just inserting 1-more letters of the product name. example im typing the first two letter "ME" letters in the textbox for the product name, in datagrid appears the list of the products that start with the letter "ME" such as, Mefinamic, Medicol, etc.. i hope you get my point and can share your ideas to my problem. I am using the ADODC connection for my project.

plz help me to come out from this... Thank You in advance.. GodBless..

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You may use a List View and the LIKE SQL Query to do this. As and when you type in a Text Box, for each letter it will call the relevant records from the table into the List View. But, when the names in the table have the apostrophy and some of the other signs, you may get an error message. You will have to handle that error also.


hi sir. thank you for your reply.. can u teach me how to do this?? i mean wat are the codes for this control for this sir?? i hope you can help me sir. thanks a lot..

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