I struggle to find a solution at my java project... It gives a lot of bonus as well.. so, i would really appreciate it if someone is willing and expert with java and can help me with my project, if he has time to help me with it. :)
If anyone wants to help me, please pm me.

Thank you.

No one will help you do your homework. The whole reason for projects is you test your knowledge, not some one elses.

When you signed up you also agreed to the following "Do provide evidence of having done some work yourself if posting questions from school or work assignments."

If you need help with something your stuck on, post it on a thread and provide some of your code where there is problems, then someone will help you.

even if you didn't read the rules, you should have known that it's your homework, and that you're supposed to do your own homework.
It's just common sense.

ok i can help you , juste start coding and if you get any problems contact me and we well try to resolve it together :) enjoy coding ;).

203428: you seem to be missing the concept of a forum like this. the point is, that if he has questions, he can post them here, so he can recieve help from thousands of developers.

at this point our problem is that we will not aid the OP into cheating his/her way through education.

whene i look deeply on early replies ,i found that they discouraged and what i said is that we well try together (me, him(SintherPal)) to resolve detected bug and faced problemes. So that not means that i don't know concept of forum like this, but it means that i want to push them to start coding and i think this is the most biggest concept of a forum like this.

without angry :).

OK, let's not take over this thread with a separate discussion.

SintherPal's post ignored two of the DaniWeb Community Rules:
"Do provide evidence of having done some work yourself if posting questions from school or work assignments"
"Do not solicit for help by email"
Those violations would justify my deleting the post, but newcomers do get a certain amount of slack, and DoogleDude's response was spot on.

IF SintherPal shows some evidence of having dome some work then we will all try to help, here in the public forum where everyone can contribute and learn, not by email or PM.

Please, no more posts here until SintherPal has replied.

Thank you for your kind offer and your answer, 203428.
If i knew what to do, i wouldn't come here and ask for help from experts, here. Besides, c#,c++,java programs are built up in a way that they can find out all the possible errors made by the user.

Lock this thread and mark it as solved, as i don't want any further possible flame.
Thank you.