Dear All ,

I have a single file, which I need to rearange,

The file format is,

A1  ID* 3/2
A2  ID  3/3
A3  RM* 2/6
A1  RM  4/4
A2  D*  1/2
A5 D    5/3
A7  T   5/13

I need the output as this
A1 3/3 3/2 ...

So on.. Its see where is the value in Column 1 belong to with respect to column2 and Need to print teh value from column3

Do you mean the sample format is the content of the file? And the number in the front represent the line number?

If so, you simply read in the file line by line. Now, it depends on how you deal with it. One way is that you read the whole file content in, sort the data, and then display it. Another way is to read it in and each line is a data in an array. While reading in, insert each line in a proper location in your array. Then you display the result once you done reading the file.

I hope this help.