I've been working on some test OpenGL programs in C++ using SDL to manage sound, window management, events... etc
Today I plugged in my external monitor into my laptop and found that no openGL program I had written would work with it plugged in, all I get is the window frame with nothing it (you can see what window is behind it). It's quite an odd problem as it works fine just using my laptop screen, any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.

I have no idea of OpenGL but i think you should consider that adding an external monitor changes the hardware capabilities of your platform, thus changing the way that OpenGl "accesses" it.
Which might mean that either your OpenGl initialization is incorrect, or your hardware is not capable of handling the opengl settings you provide.
Of course that's what might happen in DirectX so this is just a shot in the dark...

Debug your application step by step and watch for any warnings when initalizing the opengl components.

Good luck!

p.s. If you plug your monitor and use "extended desktop mode" (you can see output on both monitors), try to change it to external monitor mode only, to see if that helps.

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