hi all
i have ekiga open source code that i want to modify but when i open the downloaded code in the text editior all i get is rubish
i download the source from this website
Click Here

thanks in advance

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That sounds like either it got corrupted in the download, or else you are opening the tarball without extracting it. What is the name of the exact file you are opening? The main source file should be in the subdirectory 'src/' and be named 'ekiga.cpp'.

If that is the file you are trying to open, what extractor are you using to open the tarball (the file named 'ekiga-4.0.0.tar.xz') with, and are you extracting it from both the gzip compression and the tar(1) archiving?

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Download the file called "ekiga-4.0.1.tar.xz". It is a tarball compressed with xz looseless file compression. in windows you can open it with 7-zip.

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