Hello. I have a source code written in c++. With this source code i should compile it and make with him a pdf viwer that will be embeeded into a webpage. Can anyone help me what program should i use? how can i compile it and embeed the result into a web page?

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This is not clear enough. If you have C++ code to run, of course you need to compile it before using it. What do you mean by a pdf viewer embedded in a webpage? Do you just want to view the source? Or do you want to run the C++ program in the browser? Or view the output in the browser? There are many approaches to the last one, including using php on the server, javascript in the browser, etc. Those tools would have to execute the C++ program and capture its output, and then render it as html for the browser.

I want it to be run on browser. I have compiled it and want to run it on browser. i tryed to use the proc_open() command but i doesnt work :/

Use a web-enabled pdf plugin? Why re-invent the wheel?

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