So basically I need to create a short program that will allow the user to select "x" "y" and "z" with quanity. I know how I want the program to look "visually" but sadly I am lacking some of the elements required. I also want it to loop incase the "user" decides they want to add something else before checking out, I am also going to have it verify the order.

I will be using a Windows Form Application to make this program.

First I'd like to see if it'll be easier for me to just do a Console Application vs Windows Form App.

I will add that this will be my first project with C#, I will apologize now for the amount of questions I will ask, please note I am not asking anyone to do my work for me.

Secondly, are Checkboxes my best bet with a numericUpDown going to be my best feature? "Note" Should I place the price amount of each item in with its checkbox, or should I use a lable?

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Put your xyz items, together with a price in a listbox. Create a second listbox with the choices, your puchases. Here is a short tutorial about listboxes.


@ddanbe, thanks for the response, I'm aboutto have a look at that link you provided.

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