Hi guys! Just conducting a survey for those who have tried these two operating systems. How would you compare these two in terms of these parameters:
Ease of use
Availability of Software
Overall Security
Virus Attacks


windows 8 is the best OS,
I consider it so.
Windows 8 change the look of os (more facility)
Nice update from windows
I liked it

Talk about comparing apples (sic) to oranges... :rolleyes:

Over all windows 8 is best and also the new arrival windows 8.1 seems to be very tempting and good.Waiting for its release.Its getting released by october.

I must say windows 8 was a pleasant surprise.
Although it took me awhile to get the hang of it.
I'm pretty sure the invisible rule is if it's not available on windows, it's not available at all.
Overall, I hope for an even more impressive upgrade to windows next time around.

to those postes who like win8 so much [i like win8 also but have never used mac os1o ] ,what did you not like about OS10 mountian lion, Iam thinking of getting a MAC and would like your imput ,thank you

Let me know you that all the os that available in market is good and enough to use it.
I think we should not compare those product, All have different views.
As well as concerned linus is also good as it is open source...

The Most Important think is Our Os must supprt all the application.
And Windows is better as concerned by this Because many programmenrs use windows then after mac and then others...
So the 1st program that can run on your OS will be Windows...
And As to get more graphics etc We should have Ram, Graphic card, etc as concerned to the latest updates of OS... (Else it result in hanging, restart after some time etc...)

If You like Mac then We Can use the mac on the Windwos as now a times, we can get the numerous of theme in the market
just google out the themes
or search on youtube how to get the theme....
I am definately sure you will get it so.
thank you

How do I restore original factory settings after installing Windows 8 ?

I think Windows 8 is still too new for me and I tend to Mac OS x

thanks for putting this question. I use Windows 8 at home and Mac OS X at office. Actually both were new to me. Though I only found the Tiles thing different in Windows, but on the other hand a Mac is totally new for me. But anything else, I feel OS X is fun to use than PC.

Ease of use - Mac
Availability of Software - PC
Overall Security - Mac
Virus Attacks - Only for PC (Anti-Virus installed on my PC but none on Mac)

i just swtiched from windows 8 to OS X mountain lion and i must say i like it more..i personally believe its much more efficient and faster than windows 8..

  • Ease of use: Really depends on what you're used to. Both are user-friendly, IMO.
  • Availability of Software: Depends on what software you want. Games are notable in being more available on Windows, but that's slowly changing.
  • Overall Security: This is a tough one because security is dependent on what you're securing against and what the environment is.
  • Virus Attacks: Windows is overwhelmingly the more attacked platform because it's more pervasive. Think of it in terms of cost versus return. As an attacker, you get more out of a Windows virus because there are more Windows systems to attack.
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