I get this error poping up here and there but I still don't know what it means and how to fix it.
"Windows has triggered a breakpoint in program_name.exe.
This may be due to a corruption of the heap, which indicates
a bug in program_name.exe or any of the DLLs it has loaded.
This may also be due to the user pressing F12 while program_name.exe has focus.
The output window may have more diagnostic information."

Is that in response to a program you wrote? What compiler did you use? there are many ways to figure out where the problem lies -- one way is to put a bunch of print statements everywhere so that you can see where the program stopped when the error message appears. Another way is t0 learn how your compiler's debugger works.

This was a response that a program(or compiler wrote). I'm using Visual Studio 2010.

Most probably it means that the program has a memory access error. If you wrote the program, or have the source code, then run it in the debugger. If you didn't/don't, then report the problem to the developer.

The problem can't be resolved. I went to my professor and showed him code. He checked everything(if I moved pointer, allocated memory on more then one time, reallocated memory in a bad way and everything seamed to be perfectrly fine - he did say that the issue may lie in compiler)

he did say that the issue may lie in compiler

Very doubtful. You need to compile for debug then use VS debugger to single step through the program and look at the value of variables. Such problems can be difficult to find, but almost never the fault of the compiler.

Post the program so we can try to duplicate the error.