please help me to resolve these question c++, I try to answerd it but i do not understand anythings(":

1- A program should red in values until a negative value is read. It should determine the smallest value that was read and display that value once the loop stops:
A sample dialog for this program looks as follows:
enter an integer: 4
enter an integer: 1
enter an integer: 10
enter an integer: 6
enter an integer: -4
smallest = 1

2- A company manufacures three products, engines, pumps and fans. It gives a discount of 12% on order of engines if the order is 70RO ( Currency my country RO) or more. The same discount 12% is given on pump orders for value 40RO or more and on fan for 20RO or more. All other they do not give any discount. Find the solution of this problem.

  1. Write a program using switch case that will display a menu regarding rectangle operation s and perform according to user's response.
    a. choice 1 for finding the area
    b. choice 2 for finding perimeter
    c. choice 3 for finding the diagonal
    d. choice 4 for exit
    e. defult - wrong choice, for any other value


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What have you done so far? What part of the problem dont you understand? You have to put in an effort if you want help.

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just i want the answer, please

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