hi guys

i need a small help about drawing gragh.

program should include this user interface.

User will enter a and b values then click the draw button. Then program should show the graph of function.

i will add the type of function and the formula of it, if anybody can do that for me.

Note:I dont know anything about c++. I want forum you form my new friend :)

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Note:I dont know anything about c++.

Good luck! Do you know anthing about programming at all? If not you are in very deep cow dodo.

i know c. But it should written in c++

So what have you written already? What are you having trouble with?

Here is a good tutorial on win32 api GUI programs. You can do it in either C or C++.

@hiroshe i need a function which draws a graph of mathematical equation and user will enter the parameters of this equation.

Welp, if your problem is that "you have no idea how to get started", then I can redirect you to some tutorials. You can start by reading over this. Next, you'll need to learn how to use some kind of ui toolkit. Some examples are FLTK, WxWidgets, Gt, GTK+, Windows API. Then you'll need to decide how you what you want to draw it with. You could try drawing it yourself on a provided canvas. Or you could try using GNU plot or perhaps MathGL.

i think you can do it better with C# or smt..

Yes i can but teacher won't accept it unfortunately

Then get started studying previous suggestions because no one here will do it for you.

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