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Topic :The book of contacts
Build a programm in C ,which saves in a text document the list of contacts /persons.
Every contact should save an information for:
3.the list of email(he can have a few addresses)
4.the list of the number of phones.
Implement an appropriate structure to save this informations in a text document.
Your programm should :
1.Print in an efficient way the sorted list of contacts\
2.Print in an efficient way all the contacts whose name and surname starts with a set of characters given from the user.
3.Add in an efficient way a new contact.
4.Modify an existing contact.
5.Delete one or more contacts simultaneously
6.Print the 10 most prefered contacts (the contacts that are requested mostly from the users)
The solution should be with an optimal performance.

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What is your question exactly?

I repeat, what is your question exactly?

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Do provide evidence of having done some work yourself if posting questions from school or work assignments

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