Hi, All
I want to write a programme in java in which i accept email address and password of any mail account . if login name and password match i want get all the email id of his friend from his account. so i want basic information or flow how to do that.
if any one did this before please tell me the way how to achive this in java.

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i'd suggest you have a look at the google api's.
they are freely available.

why would you actually want to do this?
its borderline virus.
unless you actually ask a user to import his contacts, you are invading the users privacy by forcefully gaining access to private data.


lot of softwares are available in the market so why are you trying to reinvent the wheel...

and it is very unethical... i myself don't allow you to play this nasty game with the people...


you can use any smtp server to do it.
i did it on gmail server.
port no. 465
you need to download "sinetfactory.jar"

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