the problem is that when it run, it outputs the not msg, which is a wrong statement. the problem is with the declaration or cmp?

jmp start
msg db "c is equal to a divide b.$"
msg_not db "c is NOT equal to a divide b.$"

mov ax, 41      ; a=41
mov bx, 54      ; b=54
mov cx, 0       ; d=1
div bx          ; cx=ax/bx

mov op1,cx      ;
mov op2,al      ;

cmp op1,0p2     ; compare the value of c and d
je same         ; jump if equal to d
jne different       ; jump if not equal to d

mov dx, offset msg  ; 
mov ah, 09      ; output a string
int 21h         ; output the message
jmp exit        ;

mov dx, offset msg_not  ; 
mov ah, 09      ; output a string
int 21h         ; output the message
jmp exit        ;

mov ah, 4ch     ; select function exit
mov al,00       ;exit code 0
int 21h         ; terminate program
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Your problem's around these lines

cmp op1, 0p2
je same
jne different

The second operand '0p2' should be 'op2' (zero versus o). Also, for the sake of efficiency, you could/should write the jump for inequality as a fallthrough. The fallthrough will also erase any undefined behaviour around that point. We can't be sure if the JE instruction messes with the zero flag or not.

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